Juice Selection

Fresh, Healthy, Delicious! 


300ml, 375ml, 500ml and 1Litre. 

 A Superior Product at Great Prices Starting from $3 for 300ml

NB: Not all juices are made in all sizes - other sizes made to order on request

(24 hours notice required)

  FJ's Fresh Juices contain:

- No preservatives

No added sugar

No concentrates  

- Nothing artificial  and are not pasteurised (heat-treated) for long life.  

 They have the best nutritional benefits and the purest, fullest, freshest flavour .

 Made for immediate consumption.

Taste the difference!


Orange Juice 

 $3.30 for 300ml   $4.00 for 375ml   $5.00 for 500ml   1 Litre OJuice - $7.00   OJuice + 2nd fruit $8.00       


Orange and Mango          

Orange and Raspberry    

Orange and Pineapple      

Orange and Passionfruit  


Apple Juice

$3.50 for 300ml    $4.50 for 375ml   


Apple and Carrot

Apple and Guava

Apple and Strawberry

Apple , Pineapple and Ginger

Watermelon Juice  

 $3 for 300ml (size only in plain)     $4.00 for 375ml     $5.00 for 500ml   One Litre $7.00

Watermelon                                       - only 300ml and 500ml                        

Watermelon and Pineapple        - only 375ml and 500ml

Watermelon and Strawberry      - only 375ml and 500ml

Watermelon and Mango            - only 375ml and 500ml


Carrot Juice

$3.50 for 300ml     $4.50 for 375ml


Carrot and Ginger

Carrot and Apple

Mango and Mango

Grapefruit Juice         (out of season until May)

 $4.50 for 375ml


Grapefruit and Orange

 Juice Blend  FJ's Super Juice  

  $4.50 for 375ml   $5.50 for 500ml


FJ's Unique Super Smoothies! 

We  also create smoothies from your favourite FJ's juice!

Take any FJ's fresh juice and we add a fresh banana, 98% fat free frozen yoghurt and whip it into a sensational smoothie. 0% Ice100% Delicious and full of great ingredients!

Our smoothies are made from our own freshly squeezed juice on site. 

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Nature to you!